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Ergo-Glide Wheels - Series SP

Capacity Range: 560 – 2,800 lbs

Optimized for Ergonomic Efficiency

The Ergo-Glide wheel, formerly known as Poly-Soft, is designed to minimize startup and maintain push/pull force, making it ideal for ergonomic applications. Favored by employees and used internally for its balance of rollability and durability, these wheels are a top choice for operations requiring ease of movement.

Durability Meets Performance

With a heavy-duty cast iron center and high tensile strength poly, the Ergo-Glide wheel offers superior durability. It's formulated for quieter operation and greater resistance to debris, featuring a softer tread hardness of 82-85 (Shore A scale), ideal for rougher floors and noise reduction in factories.

Versatile and Ready-to-Ship

Available PRONTO with precision ball bearings, these wheels can be integrated into most forged steel and cold forged casters, providing a versatile solution for various industrial needs.

Technical Specifications

Ergo-Glide wheels boast high-grade liquid cast polyurethane composition, 82-85 Durometer hardness, impressive 570% elongation at break, and 6000-6200 psi tensile strength. Their abrasion resistance is 5-10 times that of ordinary rubber, with a temperature range of -50° to +175° F intermittently.



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