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10" Wheels

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Series 8000 Cush-N-Flex Casters: For Ultimate Performance

Series 8000 Cush-N-Flex Casters: Designed for Tough Surfaces

Capacity Range: 300 – 800 lbs. Ensure the best support for heavy-duty requirements.

Super-Flex Wheels: The Pinnacle of Durability

Experience the power of extra-soft (60 durometer) solid rubber wheels. With an appearance resembling pneumatics, these wheels are puncture proof, guaranteeing zero risks of flats. With our Super-Flex wheels, say goodbye to frequent replacements and maintenance hassles.

Vulcanized Rubber Tires with Aluminum Hubs

Our unique design features extra-thick rubber tires, permanently vulcanized to robust cast aluminum hubs. Combined with straight roller bearings, these casters promise consistent performance even under the most rigorous industrial services.

Two Premium Variants to Choose From:

  • Casters featuring a precision thrust bearing and integrally forged kingpin for superior load-bearing and durability.
  • The economical choice of double ball race with rivet-kingpin model, ensuring value for money without compromising on performance.


Specify Series 8000 Casters for surfaces that challenge ordinary wheels. Perfect for very rough surfaces such as steel grating, door sills, and more. If you're seeking enhanced cushioning beyond other wheel types, the Cush-N-Flex Casters are your ultimate choice.

Looking for the perfect casters for industrial use? Choose Series 8000 Cush-N-Flex Casters – Where durability meets flexibility.



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