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Top 10 Reasons why you should Buy Casters and Wheels from CasterHQ versus other Caster Websites

So you've stumbled upon our website and realize we have well represented website with easy to find categories, high quality photos, immense product information and specifications, but you might be hesitant to buy from us because you are concerned with the quality of the products or maybe don't fully understand what you are looking for to best meet your application needs. Look no further, our 'Top 10 Reason to Buy Casters from CasterHQ' should help you determine why CasterHQ is the best option for your Caster and Wheel requirements.

  • Highest Quality Casters and Quality Control in the Caster industry:
Quality if our number one priority here at Caster Headquarters. We don't compromise quality in manufacturing our industrial casters and we only supply high quality industrial Casters from the top Caster and Wheel Manufacturers located inside the USA that are quality Certified, Tested, ISO:8001 Compliance, RoHs Compliant, NSF Approved, and have a 1-3 Year Warranty depending on which series you purchase from us. We stand behind all of our products with warranties from 1 Year up to 3 Year depending on the type of caster series that is purchased and of course the type of application that is used on the casters will determine the coverage. Certain abusive applications may dis-qualify the warranty but you can always check with us ahead of time.

  • Fastest Same Day Shipping:
CasterHQ Assembles and Stocks all of our products in Arlington, Texas. We have the ability to ship orders the same day if they are received before 12pm on the same business day. After 12PM most orders will ship the following business day. We still try to ship orders the same day received after our cut-off time if we are able to assemble and package in the order the purchase was received before are designated daily USPS and UPS pickup schedule. Our lead time is 1-2 Business Days on all orders. We have the ability to assemble and ship thousands of casters the same day but average around 200-500 casters per day on average. We utilize shipping hubs all over the USA on a majority of our products. CasterHQ usually ships from our main Texas location but we can ship the order from California, Illinois, Missouri, and Georgia which allows you to receive your order anywhere in the USA within 2-3 business days. We do ship to Mexico and Canada but usually takes a bit longer due to customs paper work and scheduling. CasterHQ ships to APO Military addresses around the world as well but can only ship USPS to meet specific guidelines. For larger bulk orders give us a call.

  • Competitive Prices:
Caster Headquarters has a team of purchasing coordinators working to get the best possible prices from our manufacturers and suppliers without compromising our industrial quality requirements to pass the savings onto you the buyer to earn and keep your business and build a lasting business relationship. If purchased from our Website you will notice a tab under the price of each product page labeled "View Quantity Discounts" with 3 Price Breaks that will automatically be applied when you proceed to checkout to give you savings up to 15% off the entire order. For larger bulk orders please give us a call for additional savings including free LTL shipping on orders over $5,000.00.

  • Largest Selection of Industrial Casters and Wheels:
CasterHQ has one of the largest selection of Casters and Caster Wheels online. We only show about 1/4 of the products we actually have but only show the most common on our website. In fact, we have over 500,000 types of Caster and Wheel Combination and constantly adding newer innovative products. CasterHQ has Casters and Wheel for every application and different types of casters to suit any caster and wheel application from noise reduction, corrosion resistance, to easy push/pull and more. If you don't see the caster or wheel you're looking for on our website please give us a call to find exactly what you're looking for or email us at sales@casterhq.com

  • Shipment Tracking and Tax Exemption:
When you place your order you can choose to register for a free account, please do so. Once you are registered for an account and you order is placed our system will automatically send out tracking emails providing the Tracking Numbers every evening usually around 5-8PM Central Standard Time. If you are a business or re-seller simply provide your TAX ID Certification and we can add this into your account for automatic Tax Exemption on all orders placed with us online.

  • Excellent Customer Service and Caster Expertise:
Each and every one of our employees has years of experience from the ground up meaning they have trained in the warehouse on how to assemble each series of caster and wheel and understand every aspect of how a caster is built and works including the benefits of each component including the type of bearings used in the wheels, raceway, brake options and differences, wheel material including tread material expertise to help determine the best wheel and caster for your application. We ask the right questions to find our what works best for you. We may ask you questions such as the application where the caster and wheels are going to be used, weight capacity of the equipment going onto these casters, temperature rating, dry or wet applications, manual push or automated applications, type of floor, environment, and a few more questions to determine the best application to suit your needs to make your equipment or carts roll as easy and efficiently as possible with minimal effort. Our goal is to provide a product that takes a strain off of you while providing quality to last longer than our competition to save you time, money, and the hassle of constantly replacing your casters and wheels.

  • Secure Payments and Secure Confidential Payment Details:
www.CasterHQ.com has been validated to have a secure SSL Certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to our website to keep everything private, secured, and safe. We are committed to providing you with the highest security standards in credit card processing by choosing a network where information is securely processed and stored. Our merchant provider 'Volusion' is validated as a Level 1 Service Provider in compliance with PCI DSS, the payment card industry's security standard for collecting, processing, and storing payment card information, and can be found on the global list of PCI DSS validated service providers published by Visa. We accept all Major Credit Cards except for American Express directly, for all American Express Payments you may choose the Paypal Payment option at checkout which will allow you to pay with your AA Credit Card.

  • Tons of Satisfied Customers:
We have tons of large businesses and corporations who are repeat buyers and purchase from us daily including corporations that are in the Fortune 20 and Fortune 500 as largest companies in the USA and World. Our customer service and ability to guarantee our product quality, fastest shipping, and lowest prices allows us to keep all of our customers happy and grow at a healthy and rapid pace over our competition which sets us apart from all others.

  • Better for the Environment and Guarantee quality of Goods:
We only manufacture and buy from Manufacturers which products are RoHs Compliant! What is RoHS Compliant? The substances banned under RoHS are lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE). Why is RoHS Important? The Restricted materials are hazardous to the environment and pollute landfills, and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and disposal. At CasterHQ we take the environment seriously and only supply products who are manufactured in ISO9001 certified plants who are RoHS Compliant. Caster Headquarters strives to be the best in the industrial sector to reduce pollution and waste and thinks far ahead into the future to deliver the highest quality products while being environmentally conscious throughout every process in manufacturing and distributing. The larger we grow the more we can do to eliminate competitors in the Caster Industry who are hurting the environment by not taking the appropriate steps to reduce emissions and reduce green house gasses and pollution.

  • We are, quite simply, Awesome! - But don't take our word for it!
What makes Caster Headquarters the best Caster and Wheel Supplier in the Industry is the fact that our business is tailored to our customers demands and needs. We strive to provide every customer with a unique buying experience to provide you with everything you need to find all of the information and products in once place to suit your budget and needs. We listen to all of our customers reviews and feedback we receive, and are constantly adding new policies to make your buying experience easier from start to finish.