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3-1/2" X 1-1/4" Wheel, Non-Marking Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheel - Threaded Stem Caster - 250 Lbs Capacity

3-1/2" X 1-1/4" Wheel, Threaded Stem Caster - 300 Lbs Capacity

3-1/2" X 1-1/4" Gray Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheel, Threaded Stem Caster - 250 Lbs Capacity

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Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheel Threaded Stem Casters

Gray non-marking rubber wheels for a quiet, smooth ride!

CasterHQ's Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels are extremely high quality non-marking gray thermo-plastic engineered rubber tread bonded to an industrial Polyolefin (plastic) core that is used in many applications such as food service, hospitals, laboratories, and many institutional applications and industries. Thermo Plastic Wheels are also known as TPR Wheels, Thermo Wheels, and Thermo Plastic Rubber wheels. These wheels are softer than a standard polyurethane wheel you would normally use. With a 75 Shore A Durometer (Softness of Wheel); these are exclusivley made to roll over debris, gaps, cracks, obstacles with ease. The softer tire allows it to grip and roll-over obstacles opposed to harder wheels that will just push or get stuck while rolling.

These gray soft rubber wheels are non-marring, non marking, quiet, absorb shock, vibrations, and protect equipment and floors and many floor surfaces. The only setback to this type of wheel is the roll-ability is slightly less compared to a harder wheel since the thermo plastic rubber wheel provides more cushion to protect expensive cargo. Thermo Rubber wheels are not meant to have heavy loads sitting in one spot for long periods of time or they could potentially develop flat spots in the wheels and it will make them harder to roll. The tread is chemically bonded with a industrial glue, if these are exposed to extremely harsh chemicals or high speeds and heat can affect the quality of the glue and could possibly compromise the tread. These wheels have been around for a very long time for a reason, and that is to protect cargo, floors, and provide an extremely quiet ride. If you have any applications please feel free to contact us.

Common Thermo Rubber Wheel Applications:

Applications include: Computer racks, conveyor stands, medical & laboratory equipment, printers, copiers, modular framing enclosures, electronic enclosures, manufacturing machinery and automation enclosures, business & machines, shop equipment, diagnostic equipment, hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, food service, and more!
Questions? Please Call us @ 844-439-4335 or Email us here.

  • Hardened double ball raceways for added strength and extra long service life.
  • Designed for maximum durability.
  • Offers 2 styles of matching rigid casters; either cut & welded or stamped design.
  • Features numerous popular fasteners permanently attached & a dozen more modular stems.
  • Zinc plated finish is attractive & corrosion resistant.
  • Large selection of wheels & options.
  • 3/8” Axle & nut.
  • Good availability = quick deliveries.
  • Majority of series and wheel types are NSF Listed.

Wheel Diameter: 3-1/2”

Wheel Tread Width: 1-1/4”

Wheel Type: Thermo Plastic Rubber (Non-Marking)

Wheel Capacity: 250 LBS /ea

Bearing:Single Precision Ball Bearing

Color: Gray

Temp Range: -40f to 180f

Bearing I.D. Size: 3/8" ID

Durometer: 75 SHORE A (+/-5)

Wheel Hub Length: 1-9/16”

Overall Height: 4-1/2”

Swivel Radius: 3”

3-1/2" X 1-1/4" Gray Thermo Plastic Rubber Wheel, Threaded Stem Caster - 250 Lbs Capacity



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