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Hamilton Spring Loaded | SPWH Casters with 4" Plastex Phenolic Wheels

4" Plastex Phenolic Wheel for Superior Durability | Spring Loaded Design for Enhanced Shock Absorption

High-Quality, Durable Casters by Hamilton

Discover the latest in caster technology with the Hamilton Spring Loaded SPWH Casters. Built with a resilient 4" Plastex Phenolic Wheel, these casters are designed to endure heavy-duty operations. The unique spring-loaded design guarantees optimal shock absorption, ensuring longevity and efficient performance. Ideal for industrial and commercial use, these casters are a testament to Hamilton's commitment to quality.

Experience Unmatched Durability with Hamilton's SPWH Casters

Elevate your equipment's mobility with Hamilton's SPWH series. Renowned for their stability and wear-resistance, these casters are the perfect blend of functionality and longevity. With Hamilton's legacy in caster manufacturing, the SPWH series stands out as a prime choice for professionals seeking dependable mobility solutions.

Need Assistance with Caster Selection? Hamilton Experts Await!

Contemplating the SPWH casters for your setup? Our knowledgeable team of Caster Specialists is ready to assist. Connect with us weekdays from 8 am - 5 pm and let us provide tailored caster recommendations to match your requirements.



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