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6" Wheels

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Hamilton Spring Loaded | SPCH Casters with 6" UltraGlide 24/7 Wheels

6" UltraGlide Wheel Technology | Robust Spring-Loaded Design

State-of-the-Art Hamilton Casters for Continuous Operation

Discover the next generation of casters with the Hamilton Spring Loaded | SPCH Casters. Equipped with the industry-leading 6" UltraGlide 24/7 wheels, these casters are designed for non-stop performance. The spring-loaded mechanism ensures optimal shock absorption, making them ideal for environments requiring uninterrupted operation. If you're seeking reliable and high-performance casters for your setup, look no further than Hamilton's SPCH series.

Redefining Caster Performance and Durability

The Hamilton Spring Loaded | SPCH Casters transcend ordinary caster capabilities. With their UltraGlide wheels, they promise 24/7 operation without wear and tear. Perfect for industrial settings, warehouses, and high-traffic areas, Hamilton ensures you're investing in longevity and efficiency.

Need Guidance on Casters? Hamilton's Expert Team is Ready to Help!

Interested in integrating the SPCH series into your workspace? Hamilton's dedicated Caster Experts are available to provide insights and answers. Get in touch during business hours (8 am - 5 pm) for customized caster recommendations.



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