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Retreading Drive Wheels and Caster Wheels

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Retreading Caster Wheels
Polyurethane Wheels, Rubber Wheels, and Keyway Drive Wheels

Whether you have a custom Key-way Drive wheel on your machine or equipment or you have expensive and heavy-duty caster wheels that you cannot afford to replace, re-treading a caster wheel is an easy, quick, and affordable way to rejuvenate your wheel back to new again. The amount of time saved to retread a wheel compared to manufacturing a new one is significant if time is of the essence. The savings in the re-treading costs are normally reduced by 4-5 times compared to buying a new wheel. With savings in both time and money, the logical choice is to retread the wheels instead of replacing them entirely. The typical time to manufacture a custom polyurethane drive wheel or rubber drive wheel with or without keyways is normally 4-6 weeks. Typical re-treading normally takes 1-2 weeks at the most and is much more economical.

After you ship your wheels to our Caster Headquarters, we typically examine the wheel and send it off to our incineration department to remove the remaining polyurethane or rubber tread from the wheel. After the tread is removed, your wheel goes through our quality 10 point check to ensure the wheel's core is in proper shape to start the re-treading process. After the new polyurethane or rubber tread is applied to the wheels, we send them off to our engineers for a final quality check, and then they go off to the warehouse for packing and shipping.

On some rare occasions, it may cost less to buy a new complete wheel depending on whether the wheel is a common size that we actively carry in stock or a custom size in which we would compare the costs of re-treading versus buying new. We typically re-tread larger wheels that are very heavy and custom. Manufacturing plants tend to have costly machinery and equipment sometimes made in other countries with special Metric Bore sizes. In North America, we use the Imperial system and not the Metric system, so it becomes difficult to find Metric size Drive Wheels and Keyway Wheels with special shaft dimensions. This is why we are the leader in North America in custom manufacturing drive wheels and re-treading very hard-to-find caster wheels.

Please visit the links below to see our Polyurethane Drive Wheels - Select from Metric Bore sizes or Imperial (USA) Bore Sizes.

Urethane Drive Wheels - Metric Bore (MM)
Urethane Drive Wheels - Imperial (USA) Bore Sizes
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Retreading Caster Wheels