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Hamilton 9" TerraTech Wheels with 1-1/4" Bearing - Unmatched Durability

Hamilton 22" TerraTech Polyurethane Wheels with 2" Bearing: Precision and Longevity

Superior Roller Bearing: Enhanced Load Capacity and Smooth Operation

The heart of the Hamilton 22" TerraTech Wheel is its 2" roller bearing. Precision-engineered for high-load applications, this bearing ensures smooth and efficient wheel movement, even under substantial weight. Its robust design reduces maintenance needs, providing long-term reliability for your equipment.

Durable Polyurethane Construction: A Synthesis of Strength and Flexibility

Crafted from high-grade polyurethane, the 22" TerraTech wheel offers a perfect balance of toughness and elasticity. This material choice guarantees that the wheel can withstand heavy use without losing its shape or functionality, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Versatility and Compatibility: Ideal for Various Environments

These wheels are designed to excel in diverse settings, from warehouses and manufacturing plants to retail spaces. The non-marking polyurethane ensures that floors remain unscathed, preserving the appearance and integrity of your workspace.

Easy Integration and Replacement

Installation of these wheels is straightforward, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. The standardized 2" bearing size allows for easy replacement or upgrading of your existing setup.

Why Opt for Hamilton's TerraTech Wheels?

Choosing the Hamilton 22" TerraTech Polyurethane Wheels means investing in durability, efficiency, and operational excellence. These wheels represent the pinnacle of industrial wheel technology, providing unmatched performance that stands the test of time.



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