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Hamilton 3-1/2" DuraGlide Caster | Enhanced with G95 Polyurethane Wheels & Precision 1/2" Bearings

Hamilton 12" DuraGlide Caster with 1" Bearings: Precision and Durability

Exceptional Bearing Performance

Central to the Hamilton 12" DuraGlide's superior performance are its 1" bearings. These bearings are designed for smooth and efficient operation, reducing friction and enhancing the caster's mobility and lifespan.

G95 Polyurethane Wheels

Complementing the bearings, the G95 polyurethane wheels offer a smooth glide over various surfaces, ensuring durability and reliability in industrial applications.

Optimized for Smooth Mobility

The combination of advanced 1" bearings and G95 polyurethane wheels makes the Hamilton DuraGlide an ideal choice for applications requiring both smooth maneuverability and robust performance.

Versatile and Reliable

This caster is versatile for a range of environments, from manufacturing floors to retail spaces, providing consistent performance and ease of movement.

Advantages of Choosing Hamilton DuraGlide

With its bearings and high-quality wheels, the Hamilton 12" DuraGlide Caster stands out as a top choice for enhancing the mobility and efficiency of your equipment.



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