The GoPET Scooter is the cost effective solution for all your permanent or temporary physical challenges. GoPET Scooter is a lightweight 100% portable electric scooter, providing ease of transport, with the safety features and stability you require. From the ability of having a wire cart for storage, to an optional trailer attached to the back, to the customization of colors and design, the GoPET Scooter has many optional accessories that will transform GoPET Scooter into one uniquely your own.

The freedom of everyday mobility is a freedom usually taken for granted unless it is taken away. The GoPET Scooter is a “stand or sit” Personal Electric Transportation Scooter that is an essential aid in your mobility and lifestyle.

Industrial Electric Scooters are taking over many industries where mobility and proficiency matters. There are many key benefits when buying a GoPET Electric Scooter compared to other electrical means of transportation. Users typically save 30% buying one of our scooters when comparing standard Golf Carts, ATV's, Segways, or other means of transportation. The average user will get around 24 Miles out of the scooter before you will need to re-charge the lithium battery. A complete charge only costs around $0.10 cents which is a huge savings when comparing the cost to charge other electric transportation vehicles.

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PET-RL2 GoPet Electric Scooter GoPet Elite Ranger White Electric Scooter - Model#: PET-RL2

Up to 16 MPH | White | 25 Mile Range | Light Weight |

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Electric Scooter Increases Productivity In Warehouses

"When used in Industrial Warehouses Personal transport vehicle saves each worker an hour per day of walking time
Hallmark’s Kansas City distribution center faced a growing problem for it’s large distribution centers: excessive walking distances. Not only was time lost walking through large facilities, but the added miles were also hard on the employees’ bodies. With a fleet of electric scooters, the company has reduced fatigue that once lowered productivity and led to costly mistakes.

Lona Smith, general manager at the Hallmark facility, says the new three-wheel scooters allow staff to move much faster within the warehouse. “One charge and the scooters will run all day,” she says. “It’s much better than walking.”

The scooters can travel 24 miles on a charge, using a 48-volt, 350-watt front hub direct drive motor. When not in use, the battery will hold its charge for weeks. The compact size allows the vehicle to go through doorways and avoid blocking the drive aisles.
Smith says the scooters will carry workers up to 250 pounds sitting and 300 pounds standing, and can tow up to 400 pounds. A detachable front basket and a back storage box might help a shift manager, inventory control clerk and a maintenance worker share a scooter, saving each worker an average of one hour per day."