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Expandable Rubber Stem Installation

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Expandable Rubber Adapter Stem Installation Guide

Official Detailed Instructions to installing an Expanding Stem From CasterHQ!

Below you will find the steps to install an expanding rubber stem into the base of your tubing, table leg, or pipe.

  • STEP 1: Hold the Swivel Bearing Raceway (A), while turning the Nural Nut (B) Clockwise. This will expand the Rubber Sleeve (C), continue expanding the Rubber Sleeve (C) by turning the Nural Nut (B) until the Rubber Sleeve (C) expands enough to where it inserts snug / tight into your tubing.

  • STEP 2: Insert the entire Stem into your tubing until it sits lush on top of the swivel raceway (A).

  • STEP 3: Turn the Swivel Bearing (A) counter clockwise to continue expanding the rubber sleeve (C) inside your tubing. To tighten even further, use a wrench and turn the HEX NUT (D) under the swivel bearing raceway counter clockwise until the stem is secured to your satisfaction.
Expanding Rubber Stem Installation

Once your equipment is placed onto the casters the added weight sitting on the casters will also slightly expand the rubber stem even further for a better peace of mind.