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Our full line of Electric Pallet Trucks also known as Electric Pallet Jacks come with Smart Lithium Batteries which are completely maintenance free and offers fast charging and opportunity charging during breaks without harming the battery or reducing its life. We also have different batteries available in different capacities for other various applications. Integrated Battery management System (BMS) controls battery parameters and performance for longer battery life. Quick-Swap Battery allows for easy batter pack exchanges within seconds. Our Tillers have soft grips for comfort and large dual-butterfly throttle to make it easy for you to reach even when working with gloves. Integrated Pin Access Code or RDID Card Access panel for secure unit activation. Easy maintenance and fast accessibility to components. No Special tools are required to gain access to internal components and the integrated hydraulic system increases reliability and lowers potential problems related to hydraulic leaks through connectors and seals. Reliable and Robus C-shape reinforcement significantly increases the strength of the frame. Easy handles 7% gradeability when fully loaded with up to 4,500 lbs depending on which Electric pallet Truck you choose. Throttle Speed Button - pinwheel Capability allows the tiller to be operated in the upright position to provide safe and easy operation in confined spaces such as trailers, containers, and other small areas. Curtis Controller and CAN-BUS Technology make adjustments and analysis easier and reduces potential downtime. Safety features include and emergency reverse button, emergency shut-off button, horn, metal wrap-around foot protector, and load stabilizing Casters.

We have upgraded every part in our line of Electric Pallet Jacks to out perform the competition and we only include well known, trusted, reliable components to give you a peace of mind knowing you own the highest quality Electric pallet jack in the industry. These will out perform all major brands every single time with battery life, performance, durability, and reliability. All of our Electric Pallet Trucks come with Manufacturer Warranties to prove that we stand behind all of our products.
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