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Solid Polyurethane Wheels by CasterHQ

5" Diameters - Built to Support Your Heavy Loads

Experience the pinnacle of strength and durability with CasterHQ's Solid Polyurethane Wheels. Boasting a robust 5" diameter, these wheels are not just designed for smooth movement, but also to handle weights up to 800 lbs with ease. Ideal for heavy-duty applications and ensuring longevity for your equipment.

Opt for CasterHQ’s unbeatable polyurethane wheels and elevate the efficiency and reliability of your operations. Shop now for wheels that truly bear the weight of your needs.

Experience Unbeatable Performance with CasterHQ's 5" Solid Polyurethane Wheels

Dive into CasterHQ's signature 5-inch blue solid polyurethane wheels—meticulously molded and machined for optimal durability and high performance. The one-piece design ensures zero tread separation, guaranteeing consistent operation.

Your Go-to Wheel for Wet & Corrosive Environments

Embrace wheels that won't leave marks, resist most chemicals—including acids, bleach, and water—and excel in cleanroom or wash-down applications.

Versatility at its Finest: Diverse Bearing Options & Wide Temperature Compatibility

Catering to your unique needs, select from diverse bearing options like Stainless Steel Precision, Roller Bearing, and more. With a temperature adaptability ranging from -40° to 180° F and a 100% washable design, these wheels are ideal for food processing environments.

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Push Boundaries with CasterHQ's 5" Solid Polyurethane Wheels

When high-performance meets longevity, you get CasterHQ’s solid polyurethane wheels. Built with a unique, one-piece design, these wheels defy tread separation and ensure the smoothest of rides.

Trust in a Wheel Designed for the Toughest Environments

Say goodbye to floor marks and the adverse effects of harsh chemicals. Engineered to thrive in wet and corrosive settings, these wheels resist acids, bleach, water, and other corrosive agents.

Customizable to Your Needs

From Stainless Steel Precision to Roller Bearings, we've got an option tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, relish in the adaptability of a wheel fit for temperature extremes.

More Than Just a Wheel: Service and Quality Combined

100% washable and perfect for food processes, our wheels epitomize functional design. Need help? Our experts are just a call or email away. Experience swift shipping, with same-day dispatch for orders before 12-noon.