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5 Inch

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5 Inch Medium Duty Polyolefin Industrial Plastic Wheel Casters

5" x 2" Wheel Size - Weight Capacities up to 900 lbs per caster - Plate Sizes: 4" x 4-1/2"
Plate Size: 4" x 4-1/2"
3-1/4" X 2" Inch Rigid Caster - Phenolic Wheel - 700 Lbs Capacity

Our 5 inch (5" x 2") Polyolefin Wheels are made of Industrial Plastic and very inexpensive. CasterHQ's Polyolefin Wheels are lightweight, strong, and very affordable. These wheels are solid injection molded and provide a high impact resistance and can handle shock loads and abrasion. Polyolefin wheels are 100% washable and resist water, oils, solvents, greases, chemicals, cooking fats, and acids. This wheel is a great wheel used on medium duty applications such as tool boxes, carts, Bakery Equipment, Food Service Equipment, Furniture, Hotels, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Medical / Hopsital, Warehouses, and Wet Corrosive Environments. The Swivel Casters raceway comes with Double Ball Bearings, zinc plate finish for additional rust resistance, and 1/4" cold forged steel top plate and yoke legs. These Swivel and Rigid rigs can hold up to 1,250 lbs but you always want to base the weight capacity off the product with the lower rated capacity depending on the wheel or rig. We offer brake options and many upgrades on the right hand side of each product page. CasterHQ only provides high quality industrial casters that are ISO:8001 Certified, NSF Listed and Approved, RoHs Compliant.

• Solid injection molded polyolefin wheel construction.
• High shock load, impact & abrasion resistant.
• Economical & lightweight, yet offer high weight capacities.
• 100% washable; impervious to water, highly resistant to organic solvents, oil, grease, most chemicals, acids & cleaning solutions.
• Both white and black materials are non-marking.
• Several designs
• Durometer: 70 Shore D (+/-5).
• Temperature range: 40° F to 180° F.

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