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18x30 Oak Furniture Dolly with 4-inch TPR Wheels for Heavy-Duty Moving

Ultra-Durable 18x30 Furniture Dolly with Non-Marking TPR Wheels: The Ultimate Moving Solution

Premium Solid Oak Wooden Furniture Dolly for Movers - 18"x30" with Non-Slip Grip & 4" Thermo Rubber Wheels - 960 lbs Capacity

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18" x 30" Furniture Dolly with 4" TPR Rubber Wheels

Ultimate Heavy-Duty Design for Professional Movers

This heavy-duty furniture dolly is not just a dolly; it's a solution built for efficiency and durability. Designed for commercial use, it excels in all types of moving operations.

Unmatched Quality and Durability

With a frame made of kiln-dried solid red oak and non-slip rubber strips on the top, you can count on it for long-lasting reliability.

Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 960 lbs
  • Frame Material: Kiln dried Solid Red Oak
  • Length: 30"
  • Width: 18"
  • Top Surface: Non-slip Rubber Belt
  • Fastening Bolt: 5/16"
  • Wheel Diameter: 4"
  • Wheel Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Overall Height: 7"
Why Choose Our Open-Deck Design?

Our open-deck wood dollies make less noise and are less likely to damage materials. The open space in the middle prevents debris collection and allows for easy hanging when not in use.

Note: Dollies are shipped without the casters attached.

Key Features

Solid Red Oak Frame

Frame is crafted from kiln-dried solid red oak for maximum durability.

High Weight Capacity

Rated to handle up to 960 lbs, varying by wheel material and size.

Non-Slip Rubber Belt

Top surface features a non-slip rubber belt for enhanced grip.

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

Comes standard with 4" TPR wheels, safe for all floor types.

Versatile Sizes & Styles

Available in 3", 3-1/2", 4" or 5" wheel sizes and various caster styles.

Technical Specifications


960 lbs

Frame Material

Kiln dried Solid Red Oak


Length: 30" | Width: 18"

Top Surface

Non-slip Rubber Belt

Fastening Bolt


Wheel Diameter


Wheel Material

Thermoplastic Rubber

Overall Height


Extended Product Information

Why Choose This Dolly?

This furniture dolly isn't just durable—it's a game-changer for anyone looking to move furniture safely and efficiently. With kiln-dried solid red oak frame, you can bet on long-lasting performance.

Safety First

The non-slip rubber belt and thermoplastic rubber wheels ensure that not only your floors stay immaculate, but also that what you're moving stays put.

Versatility Meets Function

From commercial warehouses to personal moves, this dolly has proven its worth. Its 900 lbs capacity can handle nearly any kind of furniture or appliance.

Ease of Assembly

Though shipped without the casters attached, assembling them is straightforward. Just bolt them on, and you're good to go!

Environmentally Friendly

We use only kiln-dried solid red oak in our dollies, ensuring that the product you get is sustainably sourced.

Premium Solid Oak Wooden Furniture Dolly for Movers - 18"x30" with Non-Slip Grip & 4" Thermo Rubber Wheels - 960 lbs Capacity



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