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1/2" Stem Casters with Blue Solid Polyurethane Wheels

3" thru 5" Diameters - Up to 300 lbs Capacity

Blue Solid Polyurethane Wheels are Molded and Precision Machined for high performance and longevity. Our Solid Polyurethane Wheels have no way of tread separation since they are one solid piece design. These wheels are great for wet and corrosive environments and will not mark the floor. Solid Polyurethane Wheels are made to resist most chemicals including Acids, Cleaning Chemicals, Bleach, Water, and other harsh or corrosive chemicals. These wheels are best used in clean room environments or wash-down applications. You can choose from a variety of Bearings including Delrin (Plastic) Bearing, Stainless Steel Precision Bearing (Rust Resistant), Precision Bearing, Roller Bearing, or a Stainless Roller Bearing. These wheels are good for temperatures from -40° Degrees Fahrenheit to 180° Degrees Fahrenheit . These wheels go by many names in the industry from Solid Urethane (SU Wheels), Solid Polyurethane (PLX Wheels), Solid Polyurethane (SPU Wheel).

Solid Polyurethane wheel is 100% washable and perfect for food processing environments. The wheel is steam cleanable and can resists blood, oil, grease, water and most solvents. The one piece mold design eliminates bonding failure, which provides high impact and abrasion resistant.

  • Wheels Hardness: 60-65 Durometer Shore D
  • Temperature Range: -20° to 180° F.
  • Color: Blue
  • Great for wet environments
  • Choose from either Standard Roller Bearings or Stainless Steel Bearing Types in the Side Menu
  • 100% Steam Cleanable Wheels

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